Holdings of House Fremont

House Fremont:



-Population: 850 humans

                        -434 men

                         -356 women

                         -29 boys

                         -31 girls

Special individuals: 10 trainers with an upkeep of 10 gold a turn.

Defenses: Two Walls(1 12 feet high, complete. 1 12 feet high, completed next turn) 1 Medium Sized Castle, completed in 7 turns.

Income: -Market(10 gold a month) = 60 gold a turn
        -Farms(4/2) = 2 gold a turn
        -Two inns(4 gold in taxes a turn) = 8


-Two walls(10 foot outer wall, 12 foot inner wall) 4 gold upkeep 
-Road maintenance: 1 gold


95,844 Gold in treasury currently. 

Profit per turn: -252 gold a turn


51 Knights Errant of Bretonnia, armed with heavy armor and lances. Traits: Reckless, Breaking Charge.  All have just started the Knights Errant career.  Seeking glory and land in 'Freeland'.  2 gold a turn to maintain

10 Longbowmen, former hunters and rangers, "Freeland's Elite". Armed with leather armor, longbows, and hand weapons. Quivers of 10 arrows each. Have six advances in the Bowmen career. Just want to protect their families and be paid.  20 silvers a turn to maintain(1 Longbowmen = 2 silvers)

Assets and Relics:

Hammer of Daemons: A reliquary weapon, incorporates the bones of Sir Gregor the Just, who died banishing a Greater Daemon of Nurgle

Shark Helm: A strange, empowered full-helm with the markings of a Bretonnian smith upon it. It gives off a cold aura of power to whoever holds it.


Romminous X Zeppelin – Astral Wizard Lord

Land: Zeppelin Research Tower: 

                    -Population: 50

                                    -29 men

                                             -8 Alchemists

                                              -1 Blacksmith

                                    -21 women

                                        -One apprentice(15 years old)

                     -Exports: Custom magical items, important data, crazy ideas

                      -Imports: 300 Gold a turn(repairs)




Holdings of House Fremont

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