Campaign thus far:

As of 2325, twenty three years after Magnus the Pious pushed the Everchosen Kul's forces back from the gates of Kisliv:

The party consisting of Misemoto Yagadashi, a Nipponese Ronin, Merica Di Luigi, a Estalian fencer, Donnamiro Baggins, a halfling burgler, Hofur Stonearm Loderr, a dwarf Ironbreaker, Maria Tempenhof, an Ostermarker priestess of Sigmar, Boria Brightflame, a Nordland journeyman of the Bright College, Malak Fremont, a Questing Knight of Bretonnia, Rain, a wood elf warhawk rider, and Gregory Mallory, a Master Gold Wizard, travel to the small town of Rotoerde in the eastern side of the Borderlands to hunt a dragon that had recently awoken. All but Malak, Rain, and Gregory die during the conflict.  



Items recovered:

-16 Gallons of Dragon Blood

-15 pounds of dragon scale and hide

-Various other preserved dragon parts

-60,000 gold pieces in the lair

-32,525 gold pieces worth of jewels in the stomach lining

-Misemoto Yagadashi's soul katana 

-Dwarf-sized gromril armor and hand-axe

-Dwarf sized rune shield 

-A burnt and melted holy hammer of Sigmar[Needs repairs]

-Vestments of Piety[needs repairs]

-Archaic book of Sigmarite prayers, miraculously unburnt.

-Ownership of the village Rotoerde

-1,000 Renown for Malak 


Early 2325 – King Fremont, Rain, and Advisor Mallory travel to investigate rumors of a wizard tower in their lands. They meet the quriky Magister Romminous X Zeppelin and Rain accidently frees his research partner/prisoner, the ancient lich Rhah-Sha-Kha. Rha-Sha-Kha possesses a twenty foot tall golden statue of Romminus, murders all the wizards in the tower with Dhar, and incapitates Romminus with a strike of Dhar lightning. He is slain by King Fremont and Advisor Gregory, though the King does lose his left arm.

Items Received:

-Vassal: Wizard Lord Romminous X Zeppelin

-Asset: The Zeppelin Tower of Magical Research

-Research Bonus[+5 to research rolls]













-Can commission magical items

-400 Renown for Malak, Gregory. 


2325 – [Turn One]


King Fremont: 

                   -Built a second curtain wall around Rotorede, increasing its protection and the amount of safe, liveable space.

                  -Had a poem commissioned to honor his victories and honor the sacrifice of his fallen steed, Gilles. The resulting work, the Legend of the Gilded Steed, was so awful and terribly written  as the author could not even write in Breton, that it was an instant hit among the youth of Bretonnia, who passed it around to their fellow noblemen as jokes. It circulated from Couronne to Montfort and by the end of the six months a small crusade of fifty two Knights Errant swore themselves to King Fremont's service, hoping to reach a similar level of fame. 

-Ordered the construction of a medium castle for 20,000 gold coins, taking five-six years to complete. 

-Had 280 peasants migrate to Rotoerde, increasing the population. 


-Patrolled the area(+1 Re-roll to local events)

-Trained 10 good-quality longbowmen. "The Freeland Elite" Added to character tab.

-Sent a dragon egg to Athel Loren [? ? ?? ? ? ? ?? ]


-Attempted to establish tax codes, starting a minor riot and embittering the peasants to him. 

-Talked with Romminous X Zeppelin about starting an academy for training magically gifted children. 

-Hired 10 trainers to establish a proper militia(see Characters tab)


Patrolled(+1 Re-roll on local events.)



Campaign thus far:

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