Akua the Sea Maw


WS: 45
BS: 35
Strength: 60
Toughness: 55
Agility: 30(70 in water)
Int: 45
WP: 50
Fel: 35

Weapons: Great Weapon(Anchor 1d10+2, pummeling quality, tiring quality, baggy breeches, Natural armor(2), Natural Weapon(jaws, 1d10+2)

Talents: Strike Mighty Blow

Wounds: 28
A: 3
Movement: 6(12 in water)
Casting level: 3


A powerful monster armed with an anchor from a sunken warship and his faith in Stormfels, this mercenary captain was apparently born on a Bretonnian warship. He was slain in single combat against King Malak Fremont, and his corpse sent to be stuffed into a trophy.

Akua the Sea Maw

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